Our Design Process

Our design process enables us to provide high quality clothing at remarkably affordable pricing. Here's how:

Step 1: Design

The design process starts with the team understanding the seasonal and fashion trends. We're inspired by all fashion, not only South Asian fashion which is why some people wear our pieces out on a night on the town. Once we've conceptualized a style, we have fabric samples created so we can test the versatility and quality of the fabric in that given style. If approved we move on to finishing and pick out the lining (always crepe), zippers etc. When a sample is completed and approved. We move to step 2. 

Step 2: Fabric Mills

Manufacturing fabric is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. We need to insure the integrity of the fabric is the same for the first meter as it is for the 500th meter. In addition, when dying the fabric we must ensure the exact same colour as the sample to ensure consistency. We work directly with the mill to ensure those two elements are always 100%. As a result, we are able to produce high quality fabric that is unique and fashionable.

Step 3: Manufacturing

In order to ensure high quality and consistency, we operate two factories, one in Bangalore, IN. and the other in Delhi, IN. By doing so we ensure that both factories only produce the highest quality cutting, stitching and finishing. If there are any slight production complications we can throttle production of one factory and increase the other so we can ensure we fix any issues without sacrificing quality. We create blouse and skirt "Pattern" (stencil) which allows for 100% consistency for all pieces.

Step 4: Quality Check

 The final step of production happens here at our Toronto Headquarters. Each pieces is examined for any imperfections. Once the initial check is complete, each piece is steamed and all loose threads removed. Thereafter, the item is tagged and ready for sale. Every piece is always shipped from Toronto to ensure fast delivery and quality control.