lookbook [2023]

pastel prairies


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Introducing wardrobe essentials that embody the true essence of The Saree Room. Featuring handwork, tiered skirts, backless blouses, and short skirts.



calling all #Shorties

pastel prairies | LIVE
3 inches makes a difference...

You asked and we delivered! For all of our TSR Shorties, we have now introduced short skirts! All skirts in this collection are available in our standard (45”) length, as well as a brand new short (42”) length.

introducing new blouses

"it's backless"

pastel prairies | LIVE
business in the front, party in the back

Lace up for your next event because these blouses are here to stay! Spice up your look and turn heads at your next event with these staple blouses. Available in 4 beautiful colours.

tassel & pom blouses

they're back and better

pastel prairies | LIVE
A twist on our classic tassels

Looks like our Cream Tassel Blouse has competition! New Tassel Blouses now available in cut sleeve, in 2 colours.

pastel prairies | LIVE
Same beautiful style, now with long sleeves

Introducing Long Sleeve Pom Blouses for our OG TSR girls! Pair these beautiful Pom Blouses with a skirt or saree and stay warm this winter. Available in 4 colours.

introducing tiered skirts

for our top tier customers

pastel prairies | LIVE
Tiers, on tiers, on tiers!

Flow like the wind in our ruched tiered skirts! With it’s georgette composition, these skirts provide a relaxed and comfortable feel, while keeping the look minimal and graceful. Available in 5 colours.

handwork details

A touch of sparkle

pastel prairies | LIVE
opulence at it's finest

You know that saying, a little goes a long way? Well, we brought it to our new blouses and skirts! Featuring dainty handworked clovers, and detailed borders, these pieces will be the next best thing in your wardrobe, guaranteed.