#TSRBABE - Ankita

You've seen her on Instagram, you're in love with her South Asian style, now get to know the real Ankita!

Instagram: @aankita.b

Outfit Details: Veera Navy Skirt, Mustard Blouse & Navy Net Dupatta.

1. Most popular nickname (or what your friends like to call you)...

My family and friends love to call me "Bride" because I always show up over dressed and over the top at every event!

2. Favourite Instagram style influencer…

@janicejoostemaa - her page is quite different than mine but I really admire how clean and creative her feed is.

3. Favourite comfort food…

Definitely a juicy burger with a side of sweet potato fries!

4. Where do you get your style Inspo?

My biggest style inspo comes from my Nani (maternal grandmother). She's always rocked the best sarees and jewellery so elegantly! It also comes from any Bollywood actress in the 60s/70s because retro looks have always been my favourite. Big hair and winged liner forever!

5. When you have 10 minutes to “get ready and go” what’s your go to outfit?

My everyday wardrobe is quite boring compared to my Instagram Wardrobe. My go to outfit is black pants, a black or white blouse, a black coat (likely with some leather detail) and wide heel boots.

6. Your favourite thing about The Saree Room pieces...

The Saree Room pieces are super versatile! I love that I can mix and match different colours, patterns and designs. I once wore a mustard yellow brocade skirt, with a cream coloured tube top blouse and a light green net dupatta. It was a beautiful combination and quite unique compared to anything else I'd worn before!

7. Celebrity Crush…

Rihanna - ALWAYS!

8. 3 favourite colours/shades to wear…

Black, White, Mustard Yellow

9. Sarees or Lehengas?

Lehengas! They're easier to dance and move around in plus they make me feel like a princess every time!

10. Do you like mixing Western and South Asian wear?

Yes, of course! I am so grateful to be born a South Asian! There is so much diversity in South Asia and with that diversity comes so many different fabrics, embroideries, colours, jewellery and accessories. I love the opportunity to incorporate these in my everyday looks!

11. Favourite Bollywood Actress

Ah I can't choose one! I've always loved Rakhee Gulzar, Sharmila Tagore, Zeenat Aman, Kajol, Rani Mukerji and Priyanka Chopra! These women exude confidence, strength and have provided some of the most iconic Bollywood looks!

12. Most embarrassing outfit growing up…

I once wore a Power Rangers tracksuit to go with my giant Pokemon backpack. I was a girly girl growing up but I had other days too...

13. Top secret…

I always have to check the expiry date on my food before eating it. I once had expired mayo and haven't been the same since.

14. A little piece of advice for your all your #TSRBABES out there!

Whatever it is you're working towards, don't forget to enjoy the moment and be grateful for all the memories you're creating while on the journey!

Outfit Details: Veera Navy Skirt, Mustard Blouse & Navy Net Dupatta.