Introducing A Trend Ahead

Introducing A Trend Ahead

Today’s the day!

I am so excited to finally launch A Trend Ahead, a one-stop lifestyle blog that caters to the unique interests of South Asian women. As a woman born and raised in Toronto with roots from India and East Africa, I had a pretty typical Canadian upbringing. But when it came to certain elements like fashion, beauty standards, religion and relationships, I always felt there was a gap to fill. Would I look at western beauty and fashion magazines for answers, or would I ask my immigrant mother for advice? 

It's one of the reasons I founded The Saree Room - I wanted to offer women like myself a perfect balance of tradition and modernity, both from a design perspective as well as shopping experience. Now that The Saree Room has, and continues to deliver on that promise, I realized there was another niche I wanted to fill. 

We are part of a generation where social media lets us express and showcase our culture to the world. I want to hear more voices similar to my own - the perspectives of modern, independent women who have decided to hold on to some of the cultural traditions of their heritage, and let go of others. 

On the lighter end of things, I also wanted to create a space where we can discuss all things fashion and make-up, and call out the hottest spots in your city to grab a drink. Think of A Trend Ahead as your go-to spot for what’s coming up in fashion, culture and lifestyle for today’s modern South Asian woman. 

We would love to hear what topics you want us to cover, or your favourite spots to visit in your city! Email us at



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