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Our Story

The Saree Room was founded in 2015 because of the lack of reliable fashion options for South Asian Women. "I used to dread going to events because the process of shopping for an outfit was so tedious." Said Sofi Kassam, Founder & Chief Creative Officer.

"Nothing was modern, and there was no reliability online to shop for South Asian Fashion. I didn't want to buy a drop shipped outfit knowing that it was final sale. Niether did I want to spend thousands on a designer outfit that I would only wear only once." And that is when she and her then boyfriend Adam Meghji decided to look into the feasability of creating a company that could solve these problems.

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"From purly a consumer standpoint I was surprised at the disconnect between how women purchase a pair of jeans vs. a Saree" Said Adam Meghji, President & Chief Executive Officer. "The fact that you had to spend a whole day dropping in from store to store to try and find an outfit that you liked, then had to negotiate the price was astounding to me."

Since 2015 The Saree Room has become one of the most prominant global fashion brands for South Asian Women. Priding itself on providing a modern experience offering high quality fashion with exceptional customer service.