Channel your healing light.


Created with intuition, our Founder and CCO, Sofi designed The Rūjha Nour Collection with the geometric patterns of Moroccan rugs and the intention behind creation in mind. Nested within the walls of @TheBohoLab, Sofi attended a healing class in which women came together to set intentions, release old energy, and invite good energy in for the new year. Surrounded by mountains of handmade Moroccan rugs, Sofi was inspired by the beautiful colours, patterns and textures that encompass a unique form of Moroccan art. The Rūjha Nour Collection, created on the same night of the healing class, brings inspiration from Moroccan rugs and South Asian fashion together, for women all around the world to feel the same self love and togetherness that created this collection.

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Hīrā • diamond

rūjha nour | NOW LIVE
hira suits

With it's diamond like pattern, the Hira Sharara Suits are a staple piece for your wardrobe. A pop of colour combined with the calmness of the white creates the perfect contrast for your upcoming Spring and Summer events!

rūjha nour | NOW LIVE

khayt • thread

rūjha nour | NOW LIVE
khayt suit

Inspired by the colours and ambiance of Morocco, the Khayt Gharara Suit features intricate threadwork and geometric patterns. A pop of colour that will show out at any event.

rūjha nour | NOW LIVE

namat • pattern

rūjha nour | NOW LIVE

With it's geometric patterns and monochromatic colour palette, the Namat Gharara Suits can be dressed up any way you like!

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rūjha nour | NOW LIVE
nour gowns

For the first time, The Saree Room introduces long gowns! We are always listening to your requests and working towards being your one stop shop for all things South Asian Fashion.