Our Story...

Back in December of 2015 our Co-Founder Sofi was desperately looking for something to wear for a wedding she was attending that weekend. Looking through her closet, she couldn't find anything worth re-wearing because most pieces were designed as a set and not in a way that would allow for mixing and matching. 

Desperate to find an outfit, she drove 45 minutes to Brampton, Ontario, and went store to store trying to find an outfit. Three things drove her crazy about this experience. 

  1. Nothing was modern.
  2. Everything was over priced.
  3. The shopping experience was awful. (Unwelcoming staff & dingy stores.)

She thought to herself, why can I buy a western outfit online and have comfortable in store experiences at places like Zara or Club Monaco but when it comes to South Asian clothing, this experience is non existent?

That's when she asked her boyfriend Adam if he thought there was a market for a brand that offered high quality South Asian clothing, available for purchase online with fast 2 day shipping all while being remarkably affordable.

After a bit of number crunching, Adam was positive that this industry was ripe and ready for a change. No more spending a whole afternoon going shop to shop to find the perfect outfit. No more ordering from unreliable online retailers not knowing how long shipping will take or if you’ll get the right size/color. "Enough is enough. " he said. 

At that moment in December of 2015, The Saree Room was born. 

Now this once small company has become a household name across the globe. With sales spanning across 4 continents and 16 countries, The Saree Room is showing no signs of slowing down. Adam and Sofi are opening a Flagship retail store in Toronto that will be like no other South Asian fashion store the world has ever seen. Rose gold's, blush pinks with an urban vibe.